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CARE Inclusive Governance Marker

The CARE Inclusive Governance Marker is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows us to assess the level of inclusive governance integration in our approach. The tool grades on a 0-4 scale, whether or not CARE’s work is prepared for, designed, and implemented in a way that ensures that the inclusive governance component of CARE’s global approach is mainstreamed into programming.

The CARE Inclusive Governance is also an internal accountability tool to ensure CARE delivers on its commitments to ensure more inclusive governance by integrating these commitments into programming. These commitments are outlined in the CARE Inclusive Governance Guidance Note. The CARE Inclusive Governance Marker is also a learning tool with inbuilt feedback mechanisms.

ENGLISH - Inclusive Governance Marker Form and Marking Guidance Note

FRANCAIS - Marqueur de gouvernance inclusive

ESPAÑOL - Marcador de gobernabilidad

Português - Marcador de Governação Inclusiva


Example (Somalia - English)


Evidence (Somalia - English)


Webinar presentations

Inclusive Governance Marker webinar presentation (English)


August 2020 - Governance Marker LAC (Español)

Governance Marker - LAC


FY16 Participant Report: An analysis by Outcomes, Regions and CARE International Members

This report includes data of IG integration for FY16


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