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Welcome to the Governance Programming Guide.

We hope that this Guide will help you conceptualise, plan, monitor and evaluate governance strategies, programmes and projects - in any sector.

The guide has three elements:

1. The Governance Programming Framework , or the GPF is the foundation and framework for our governance work. It outlines the kinds of change we are aiming for and provides a generic theory of change to guide governance work

2. The Context Analysis guideand suggested tools will help you analyse the specific governance context, before you start planning governance work

3. The M&E guidewill help you develop indicators and choose methods to assess the changes taking places as a result of your governance work.

These guides will be developed as much as possible from existing resources and tools. If you have any of these that you could recommend to us, please post your recommendation on the discussion page (click on the discussion tab above!).

Each section will also have examples of completed work that you can refer to for inspiration.

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