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Inclusive Governance Guidance Note

This guidance document for inclusive governance is to provide CARE and partner staff with direction for integrating inclusive governance into their work, by explaining:

- The importance of inclusive governance for CARE

- Our Theory of Change

- How inclusive governance will be integrated into our humanitarian and development work within the Program Strategy;

  • The main inclusive governance models and innovations that we will scale up across the organisation, adapted to different local contexts;
  • How inclusive governance can be applied, across the programming cycle.

* For the final Inclusive Governance Guidance note see here* For the Inclusive Governance Summary Document 3-pager see here

* Please find the final Annexes hereInclusive Governance Markers These markers measure the level of IG mainstreaming across the organisation. See here for details. Inclusive Governance Webinars Following the publication of the Inclusive Governance (IG) Guidance Note, a set of global webinars have been organised which bring together champions from CARE Members and COs globally to learn more about CARE’s inclusive governance work and how it is applied in the region. Please see here for webinar recordings. Integrating Inclusive Governance in CARE's priority outcome areas * Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health (SRMH) * Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) * Food & Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience (FNS &CCR) * Humanitarian Action * Gender Based Violence (GBV

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