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1. Do Conditional Cash Transfers Really Empower Women? A Look at CCTs in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

Date: 02/12/11


Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programmes have long been heralded as a means of promoting gender equity and women’s empowerment. However, while there is evidence that cash transfers benefit women in a number of ways, their effect on empowerment is limited and could be significantly enhanced by aligning programmes more explicitly around this agenda and putting greater emphasis on building women’s economic independence. This briefing summarises the findings of CARE International’s recent research into whether, and in what ways, CCT programmes in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia promote gender equity and women’s empowerment. The research showed a number of practical gains for women participants, including increased decision-making powers at home, improved access to health checks, enhanced knowledge of their rights as citizens and greater self-confidence.

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CARE Events/Publications:

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* Sara Gullo, Christine Galavotti, Anne Sebert Kuhlmann, Thumbiko Msiska, Phil Hastings and C. Nathan Marti published “Effects of a social accountability approach, CARE's Community Score Card, on reproductive health-related outcomes in Malawi: A cluster-randomized controlled evaluation”, in February 10, (2017) PLOS ONE available here
* Sara Gullo, Christine Galavotti and Lara Altman published “A review of CARE's Community Score Card experience and evidence”, in May 17, (2016) Health Policy and Planning, available here Africa Social accountability
* CARE was cited in Fox et al. (2016) Doing accountability differently. A proposal for the vertical integration of civil society monitoring and advocacy, available here Global Social accountability & advocacy
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