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Participatory Voices (Peru): The project, funded by DFID through a PPA agreement has been running since 2008. CARE has trained citizen monitors to oversee the quality of maternal and child healthcare provision in the southern province of Puno. The monitors report users’ rights violations and discuss with service providers, the regional Ombudsman's office, CARE Peru and ForoSalud (a civil society health forum) to agree commitments to improve maternal and neonatal health services. The capacity-building model has been widely praised and adopted by both the Ministry of Health and UNFPA in health policy and practice. Indeed, the project on citizen monitoring of the quality of health services has been identified as one of eight global examples on how to promote greater accountability through citizen participation and the implementation of RBA at the 2012 report of the UN Independent Expert Review Group on Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health (see iERG report below).

Please see the below 2-page factsheet for further information on the project:


Please see the below evaluation of the project by Rosana Vargas (in Spanish):


CARE Peru also supported women's organisations to carry out participatory budgeting in Puno. Please see the below systematization of the experience by Rusela Zapat (in Spanish):


Tools & Resources

Frisancho (2011) Citizen Monitoring to Promote the Right to Health Care and Accountability


Frisancho (2012) Vigilancia Ciudadana de la Calidad de los Servicios de Salud


Frisancho (2008) Improving Governance and Health Rights in Peru


Independent Expert Review Group (iERG) on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health (2012)

Every Woman, Every Child: from commitments to action (CARE case study p.27)



For more information, please contact the Governance Advisor for Latin America, Tom Aston, at

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