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Wikis are a simple space to collaboratively develop and discuss ideas to generate and share learning.

For a basic introduction on how to use a wiki, please see the following slides. This guide offers how to:

  • Join a Wiki, and sign in
  • Edit a page
  • Use discussion boards
  • Add pages
  • Sign up for email notifications
  • Get more information on advanced topics


__Always__ remember the wiki basics:

  • It is more about the content than about who wrote the content
  • If you make a mistake, don't worry. You can always look at the History Tab of the page you are working on to find a previous version of the page and restore it
  • The “Recent Changes” link in the upper left is your friend - it helps you see what is new
  • You can use the Discussion Tabs if you don't want comments in a content oriented page
  • PLAY! We have set up a wiki page “sandbox” for you to try out and experiment with adding content to the wiki

Wiki Training

For live support on using the Governance Wiki, please email diana.wu[at]

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