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The main centre of interest for governance practitioners is the:

Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre (ESID): ESID aims to improve the use of governance research evidence in decision-making. Its main lines of research are on:

  • the forms and levels of state capacity needed for inclusive development;incentives and ideas that influence elite commitment to inclusive development and state effectiveness;
  • the political, institutional and political economy conditions that lead to developmental states and elite commitment.

Recent publications that may be of interest to governance practitioners include:

Muhhopadhyay, A. (2013) The Political Economy of Implementing the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India.

Barrientos,B. and Pellissery, S. (2013) Delivering Effective Social Assistance: Does Politics Matter?

Mcloughlin, C. and Batley, R. (2012) The Politics of What Works in Service Delivery: An Evidence-based Review

vom Hau, M. (2012) State Capacity and Inclusive Development: New Challenges and Directions

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