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Of particular interest to governance practitioners is the work in the following research areas:

Governance/Democracy: CDG work on the issue focuses on how rich-country policies and practices strengthen - or inadvertently undermine- developing country institutions. Examples include aid, trade, and anti-corruption efforts.

One particular initiative of interest is: Oil-to Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse through Cash Transfers. The initiative explores a policy option - direct distribution of resource revenues - to encourage a “social contract in resource-rich countries.

Recent publications that may be of interest to governance practitioners include:

Moss, T. and Majerowitz, S. (2013) Oil-to-Cash Won't Work Here! Ten Common Objections

Devarajan, S. et al (2011) Direct Redistribution, Taxation, and Accountability in Oil-Rich Economies: A Proposal - Working Paper 281

Gillies, A. (2010) Giving Money Away? The Politics of Direct Distribution in Resource-Rich States - Working Paper 231

Fukuyama, F. (2012) What is Governance? - Working Paper 314

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