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CARE believes that local government transparency, accountability and performance can be improved through strengthening citizen's oversight of capital development projects. GSAM is a five-year governance project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with IBIS in Ghana and Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC). CARE is implementing a citizen monitoring model consisting of (i) Community scorecard and (ii) District citizen performance scorecard.

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In practice, this involves citizens and community development monitors assessing the performance of service providers / contractors involved in capital development projects using a community scorecard. This acts as a self-assessment for the service providers which is then discussed in a meeting between community and service providers. An action plan is then decided on how service providers can improve. The action plan is then disseminated at community level for public awareness and shared at district level for action by district authorities.

Citizen feedback from the community scorecards carried out across the districts are then consolidated into a version called a district citizen performance scorecard. The citizen feedback is reviewed at a District Assembly Steering Committee in preparation for the district town hall meeting on District Assembly performance on capital projects. The town hall meeting involves all stakeholders including, citizens, local CSOs, other government and non-government stakeholders. Agreements on where improvements can be implemented are made and an action plan is then created detailing corrective measures on areas of poor capital project performance.

Local Government Performance Scorecard model


PROJECT NEWSLETTER (read below for details on the impact CARE is having in Ghana)


GSAM Information Leaflet


GSAM draft Brochure


GSAM Impact Evaluation Brief


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