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The GDSRC has the following resource centres which should be of interest to governance practitioners:

Political Economy Analysis: This centre provides useful examples of tools and resources to help practitioners carry out political economy analysis.

Service Delivery: This centre provides useful literature on how to ensure pro-poor service delivery from both state and non-state providers.

Empowerment and Accountability: This centre provides useful literature on transparency, social accountability and state responsiveness.

State-society Relations and Citizenship: This centre provides useful literature around state legitimacy, the interaction of formal and informal institutions, social and political cohesion.

Institutional Development: This centre provides useful literature around institutional development, frameworks for analysis and evaluation.

Recent publications of interest include:

Tavakoli, H.; Simson, R. and Tilley, H. (2013) 'Unblocking Results: Using Aid to Address Governance Constraints in Public Service Delivery', Overseas Development Institute, London: ODI - Tavakoli - Unblocking Results

Howard, J. and Leavy, J. (2013) ''What Matters Most? Evidence from 84 participatory studies with those living with extreme poverty and marginalisation', Participate, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies - Howard and Leavy - What Matters

Budget Accountability and Participation. GSDRC Helpdesk Research Report, Becky Carter, July 15, 2013

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