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There are three research teams of particular interest to governance practitioners:

Governance Team: The governance team focuses its work on the following core themes: (i) collective action and social accountability; (ii) conflict management, security and peace-building; (iii) developing and teaching research methodologies relating to governance; (v) financial management and taxation policy; (vi) political and fiscal challenges of extractive economies; (vii) public authority and state capacity, and; transnational organised crime.

Participation, Power and Social Change Team: The team focuses on (i) participation, power and politics; (ii) participatory methodologies; (iii) sexuality and development and (iv) gender justice. The team also has a website on participatory methods which contains some useful reading on power analysis.

Centre for the Future State: The Centre for the Future State undertakes research into processes involved in building more effective, accountable and responsive governance in poor countries. It provides a framework for long-term cooperation between social science researchers from different parts of the world. Its aim is to undertake high quality research that is relevant to public policy, and to ensure that it comes to the notice of policymakers.

Centre for Social Protection: The Centre for Social Protection (CSP) supports a global network of partners working to mainstream social protection in development policy and encourage social protection systems and instruments that are comprehensive, long-term, sustainable and pro-poor.

Power Cube: The Power Cube is a resource for understanding power relations in efforts to bring about social change. The site contains practical and conceptual materials to help us think about how to respond to power relations within organisations and in wider social and political spaces.

Recent publications of interest include:

Power Pack: Understanding Power for Social Change:

Eyben, R. (2013) Getting Unpaid Care onto Development Agendas

Acosta et al. (2012) Fighting Maternal and Child Malnutrition: Analysing the Politican and Institutional Determinants of Delivering a National Multi-sectoral Response in Six Countries:

Moore, M. (2012) The Governance Agenda in Long Term Perspective: Globalisation, Revenues and the Differentiation of States:

Frecheville, N. and Wheeler, J. (2013) Citizen-led Accountability: Recommendations and Key Research Findings for the Post-2015 Agenda:

More useful publications:

Eyben, R. (2012) The Hegemony Cracked: The Power Guide to Getting Care onto the Development Agenda:

Pantazidou, M. (2012) What next for Power Analysis? A Review of Recent Experience with the Powercube amd Related Frameworks

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