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CARE’s 2016 Inclusive Governance workshop was organised by CIUK’s Inclusive Governance Team and CSC Consulting, and hosted by CARE Tanzania. The event was attended by thirty-nine governance champions across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe from CARE, peer organisations and partner organisations (World Vision, Kwantu, Hivos, Rupantar andWomen’s Fund Tanzania). The workshop objectives were to: take stock and plan the way forward for mainstreaming Inclusive Governance into CARE’s programming; get inspiration from external organizations doing Inclusive Governance work; provide a forum for Inclusive Governance champions to network and share innovation and learning; and identify concrete thematic areas for programmatic collaboration to deliver CARE’s 2020 Strategy.

Key takeaways:

· Approaches to integrate IG are highly relevant for the new Impact Growth Strategies

· Need to build off existing women's empowerment work to promote women's political empowerment

· Potential power of digitalisation to amplify common findings across social accountability processes, serving as citizen-generated data.

· Governance tools cannot be ends in themselves, but part of broad strategies to engage with citizens and power-holders.

· Our work to integrate IG needs to go beyond the local level - the proposed framework for integrating governance from the community to international levels was strongly welcomed by participants.

This report outlines the main discussions and conclusions as follows:

· The main trends that are affecting CARE’s work on Inclusive Governance;

· Innovation and adaptation in our Inclusive Governance work:

o Working beyond the local, integrating Inclusive Governance activities from grassroots to international;

o Innovating, through the next generation of Community Score Card and other tools;

o Digitalization of social accountability processes;

o Women’s political empowerment;

o Building institutional capacity and responsiveness amongst power-holders;

o Adapting to fragile and conflict-affected environments;

o Promoting CARE’s own accountability through beneficiary feedback mechanisms.

· How we will we know if and how our Inclusive Governance work is having an impact;

· Areas of collaboration over the next year to take forward key priorities.

Workshop Report


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