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Of particular interest to governance practitioners is the work of the following teams:

The Politics & Governance team focuses on issues related to democracies in transition, justice and security sector reform, the politics of public goods and service delivery and, applied political economy analysis.

The Social Development team explores gender and child-related policy change, issues of social exclusion, social policy related learning and civil society and social movements.

The Africa, Power and Politics programme (APPP) brings together research centres and think-tanks to work on four main issues: (i) Moving from a ‘best practice' to a ‘best fit' approach to governance; (ii) a realistic take on elections, citizen empowerment and public goods; (iii) the leadership factor - and the politics of it, and; (iv) implications for aid effectiveness.

Recent publications that may be of interest to governance practitioners include:

Applied political economy analysis: Five practical issues: This guidance note draws on more than a decade of practical experience with applied political economy in development work and aims to provide basic guidance for newcomers to the field.

Building governance into a post-2015 framework: exploring transparency and accountability as an entry point: This research report and briefing note discuss the need to increase the focus on governance in a post-2015 agreement.

Off the balance sheet: the impact of the economic crisis on girls and young women: This report examines the continuing and deepening impact of the economic crisis on girls and young women worldwide. The research explores how long standing economic trends, entrenched gender inequality and austerity budgets have all left girls and their families bearing the brunt of fewer resources and reduced access to services.

Socio-Economic Development Plan Social Audit Toolkit: This Toolkit was produced over almost a three year period (2010-2012) under the Project on Capacity Building for Social Audits of the Socio-economic Development Plans between UNICEF and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Viet Nam.

Development as a collective action problem: Addressing the real challenges of African governance: This is a synthesis report of the Africa, Power and Politics programme.

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