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Social accountability in East Africa

CARE has experience in the implementation of community score cards in Ethiopia and Tanzania and community based monitoring in Uganda


CARE Malawi pioneered the use of community score cards and has used and adapted the approach for education and health projects.


CARE has been employing community score cards in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Rwanda.

Social accountability in West Africa

CARE has been employing community score cards in Sierra Leone. CARE is also pioneering various innovations around Social Accountability approaches including in Ghana through the Ghana Strengthening Accountability Mechanism (GSAM) project.

Key Tools & Resources

Please see the following link for csc_tools_and_resources from the continent.


For more information, please contact the Governance Advisor for West and Central Africa, Muhamed Bizimana at: or the Governance and Accountability Advisor Gilbert Muyumbo at: (for East and Southern Africa).

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