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The World Bank has a broad range of programming that may be of interest to governance practitioners, including Social Accountability, Social Development and Collaborative Governance

Governance practitioners may be interested in the following publications:

World Bank-OPM (2008), The Political Economy of Policy Reform: Issues and Implications for Policy Dialogue and Development Operations

Fritz, V., Kaiser, K., and Levy, B. (2009), Governance and Political Economy Analysis: Good Practice Framework

World Bank (2004), Social Accountability: An Introduction to the Concept and Emerging Practice

World Bank (2013), Mapping Context for Social Accountability: A Resource Paper

ANSA Network (2012) Citizens and Service Delivery Assessing the Use of Social Accountability Approaches in Human DevelopmentThe publication looks at the use of social accountability in the human development sectors—health, education, and social protection.

Social Accountability E-Guide

World Bank Social Development DFGG How-to Notes: This series of practitioner-oriented how-to notes includes a step-by step approach for implementing selected social accountability tools

1. Citizen Report Cards-Monitoring Citizen Perspectives to Improve Service Delivery

2. Rapid Feedback: The Role of Community Scorecards in Improving Service Delivery

3. How, When, and Why to Use Demand-Side Governance Approaches

4. Citizen Service Centers: Enhancing Access, Improving Service Delivery, and Reducing Corruption

5. Citizen Charters: Enhancing Service Delivery through Accountability\

7. Feedback Matters: Designing Effective Grievance Redress Mechanisms for Bank-financed Projects (Part 2: Practice)

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